The Ride


What if we didn’t call it a Path or a Journey.

To me, this still suggests that there is a destination in which to arrive. It describes that once you set out and complete this set of things or tasks, or acquire an amount time passed you will get happiness.

What if instead we ask ourselves or our people, if you were to prepare your vehicle for a long trip that will last your whole life with total comfort, what would you bring?

You also get to build your vehicle as you go. Comfortable seats, great sound system, bold paint job. Change them at anytime you choose. Put on your coolest sun glasses, adjust yourself to your most comfortable position. You have your favorite snack and drink. favorite music. You can change them at anytime.

You have unlimited room in your vehicle and access to anything you can think of. As you travel you may learn of things you wouldn’t have thought to bring, but you can add them as you discover them.

What emotions would you choose for the front seat? Which ones would put you in a good mental and emotional place to take the longest trip without anxiety, stress or depression? Although you will surely encounter these things on the trip, prepare yourself for that, but know that they are temporary and you can choose to let them out at the next stop.

You will pick up riders along the way as well. You get to choose who they will be. Choose carefully because they will spend time in your vehicle and effect your mental wellness. Those who effect you in a negative way will be dropped off at the next stop of your choosing.

Some will be amazing, and you will get to bring them with you on the whole trip. For some of us, little ones might appear in the back seat one day. They will want to get their own vehicle at some point. Make sure you get to know them well and tell them about what you’ve seen so far. They will be building their vehicles while still in yours.

You know you have no destination to reach, so rather than anticipate that destination with anxiety ridden questions like, will I ever get there? Be at ease now, knowing you are in your vehicle now, and your comfort and well being is your most important choice. you’re driving.

Knowing this is a life long trip that one day will unexpectedly come to either a slow graceful ending or maybe a more abrupt one. Be ready to accept it as best you can after seeing as much along the way as you can and experiencing as much as you can.

now though, you get to choose which people, emotions, state of mind, and thoughts you focus on in your vehicle on your personal trip.

……just some thoughts I had. Thanks for reading.

MSJ 4/29/2019

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