What is happiness

What is Happiness? I’m curious.

Buddha said its a choice, you chose to be happy and therefore you are, in spite of what happens around you. Christianity says its in God, have faith and you will be happy in spite of what happens around you. Hindu religion has many Gods so they have resources others do not if thats the case. For some its a driven energy at work and accomplishment in work, isn’t that a happy that you will forever chase? and therefore not happiness? does happiness come from things? it seems so, at least temporarily one feels happy after obtaining a thing, but its temporary so therefore not happiness.

Can a person make you happy? I know when I bump into someone I like, I feel happy talking to them, and after leaving them I bring that with me. So you would think beng around that person more would make you happy more frequently.

With people it seems there is argument and disagreement at times which doesn’t make you happy. maybe makes you feel very Un-happy. Is happiness just not realistically something you can have always. As they say there is two sides to everything. this side of the mountain you see and the one you do not. The dark and the light, yin and the yang of the universe. Happiness comes from inside you I’ve heard. be happy with yourself, your own company. Can someone be that all the time? Im fairly comfortable with my own company, but I still enjoy interacting with others quite a bit more than on my own.

Maybe just accepting that I will not always be happy and experiencing the sadness is the key, I’ve certainly read that in many places I’ve turned for education on the subject. Let the hurt and sadness walk through, experience them and then let them leave. sounds great on

paper but some of those feeling stick around for years it seems.

Maybe I’ve answered my own question. Maybe I just have to get better at experiencing the non happy moments. I don’t much care for them however. Treasure the moments of happiness maybe thats all it is, just moments of happiness.

I think at this moment, I’ll choose Ice cream, ice cream is happiness for a moment or even two… creamsicle.


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